Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nappy Shed

Right now RD is back in the mix, recording vocals for two songs with James and Mike G, and jason and i are over at the Nappy Dugout mixing "Vampires/Werewolves" and it's sounding so goddigatidydingdong big and good.

We had a busy weekend, playing the Crossroads film fest in Jackson, then back in NOLA for a show at Tipitinas that went phenomenal. Thank you to Good Enough for Good Times, and to all of you who paid your money and stayed for an encore. that meant alot. (tears)

Next up is mixing more of the record, and A few gigs...

Friday April 17th - Hattiesburg, MS for Live at Five in Downtown Hburg
Saturday April 18th - DBA -- French Quarter Fest Nights...

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