Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MIDEM Updates

go to SHOWS...and find some live Rotary Downs on the official MIDEM website.

Chris, J Clark and i are just getting off our full day of airplanes and decompression to finally be back to our respective homes. it feels good. I wouldn't suggest flying to France w/ your buddies to only stay for 2.5 days. And most of those days were spent loading in, travelling in shuttles, or schlepping gear. But it was a unique experience to network with some of the most innovative music business folks in the world. Picture the Convention Center with 3 levels of booths housing companies from every country, sending their distribution, labels, pressing, booking, DVD manufacturing companies to one place.

Buzz bands, buzz words, hi-heels, guitar-hero, networking bizness cards interchanging hands, and ear protection...this was MIDEM,...all day. And RD got to play an evening showcase. IT was a blast.

Just don't eat the chicken on Air France..

more later


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rotary Downs in France....


Hello everyone..reporting 6 hrs ahead right now. - we left the US at 3ish on Sat. and arrived at our hotel at 3p on Sunday (actually 9am US) in Cannes after 3 planes, 3 airports, and a few's pretty overwhelming here...the worlds largest music industry conference and on the beautiful French Riviera no less.

After checking in and getting that done, we walked around a bit, and ate some pretty bad food in the tourist district of Cannes. My Bolognese Spaghetti was a pound of pasta w/ a 1/2 a cup of ground beef and oil. and damn we paid for it. Looks like we'll have to shell out the big bucks in Cannes for some authentic eats. I guess my taste buds have aquired that Gas Station Po-Boy mentality living in New Orleans. You can really go anywhere and get great food.


went to sleep at about 7:30 pm last night - was beat down. woke up at 7am on today and walked out my back garden deck to an open sunrise on the Mediterranean. Can't beat....more to come

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rotary Downs @ MIDEM 2009

Rotary Downs has been asked to play the 2009 MIDEM Music Festival in Cannes, France.

Monday, January 19th
Magic Mirror
Palais des Festivals - Esplanade George Pompidou, Cannes
8:30 Show Time

if you know anyone around there, tell em to come!