Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rotary Downs Nominated in Best of the Beat 2008

Rotary Downs has been nominated as "Best Louisiana Rock Band" for the 2nd year in row by Offbeat Magazine. Rotary Downs will be playing at the Best of the Beat Awards
which will be held Saturday, Jan. 31st at the House of Blues -

We are honored to be nominated with some good friends, and playing w/ them too:

The Beat Goes On
Here’s the schedule for the House of Blues:

The Main Room
7:30: The New Orleans Bingo! Show
8:30: The Awards Presentation
9:15: Tribute to Bo Dollis with the Wild Magnolias, Bo Dollis, Jr., Monk Boudreaux and Donald Harrison
10:15: Little Freddie King
11:15: Tribute to James Booker with Jon Cleary, Joe Krown, John “Papa” Gros, Tom McDermott and Josh Paxton
12:15: Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave.

The Parish
7:45: Los Po-Boy-Citos with Derek Huston
9:30: The Lost Bayou Ramblers
10:30: The Happy Talk Band
11:30: Rotary Downs

TICKETS ARE $25 - go to www.offbeat.com for more info on food/ drinks etc.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Body of an Outlaw New Photos

Directed by Jonathan David Evans, premiers January 30th, One Eyed Jacks w/ Happy Talk

Friday, December 19, 2008


James Marler: "Stop Rushing, Chris"

Jason Rhein: "Go Polish"

Whole Order

"Body of an Outlaw" Video Stills



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Approaching Day 5

Let the Dance Contest Begin.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mike G$rardot

Is scaring the shit out of us all.....

Day 4 @ The Living Room - 12/16/08

Tuesday -

We are back at the Living Room - and today started well. I made a trip to Casey Jones' supermarket on the West Bank and saw the owners stuffed animal heads..right over the Meat, Poultry...etc. After two bottles of Loon, Bombay Saphire, and beer...we began our 4th session...

Anthony Cuccia (The Other Planets) laid down some truly impressive percussion parts on the new track "Montrez-Vous" - and the crowd rejoiced...the guy is amazing - and truly gives precedence to his own words of ... "i bought myself a mother fucking Hector Detector" (if ya dont know..ya dont know).

Here are some new pics from the session....

Rob Davis Photos from 1st Wknd Session

All Photos ©Rob Davis (robdavisphotography.com)

New Album in the Works

We are happy to have Chris George and Daniel over at The Living Room (http://www.thelivingroomstudio.com/) help us lay down the next record...most, but not all of the songs you may have heard us pull out at shows, or lock into the repertoire in the last year or two, after Chained to the Chariot.

We are excited. Stay in touch to hear/see how things are going..in the meantime, check our website and myspace for any upcoming shows....

in the future we are playing:

January - France, One Eyed Jacks, HOB
February - DBA, Hi Ho
May - JAZZ FEST - Fairgrounds, 2nd Weekend

Monday, September 1, 2008

All good in da hood (Lafayette report from Zack)

Well...we did alright...a couple of downed trees next door, some debris here and there (wish it was on a roast beef poboy) - got some cleanup to do but the worst is over - let's just keep our Chauvin, Grand Isle, and Westbank friends in mind.

Marler & Rhein Report From Mobile

James and I (and Ned - James' dog) left mellowtown at 11am yesterday and headed to his parents' place in Mobile, Alabama. We got seriously lucky with the route we chose to evacuate. Many of our poor friends got stuck in the all-to-familiar 5mph nudge across the land, taking them 10-15 hours to go what normally takes 2-4 hours. But we were spared by a last-minute news tip from WDSU (local TV). We went north across the Causeway, east on I-12 and then to I-10. We didn't hit a single ounce of traffic until about 30 miles outside Mobile, and even then it wasn't so bad. The whole trip took about 4 hours. Thanks WDSU!

Once settled here in Mobile, I was surprised to learn that our good friend and fellow New Orleans musician Theresa Andersson was performing at Callihan's Pub nearby! A shot of tequila, a couple beers, some hugs and solidarity from some good Nola peeps (including Sarah Fontenelle of "Djinni Stomp" video fame, and Alex Smith and Arthur Mintz of "World Leader Pretend") took the edge right off. And damn! I'm soooo happy to see Theresa doing the AMAZING stuff she is doing. This is a different Theresa Andersson than what most New Orleanians may remember. She is now a one-woman show with an elaborate looping setup that enables her to build countless layers of live drums, guitars, fiddle, vocal harmonies, and even some classic 7-inch LP samples, popping them in and out, to create a HUGE, lush, and dynamic "orchestra of Theresa Andersson." She has always been seriously talented. But I think this incarnation, where she is in control of every instrument, voice, arrangement and nuance, really allows her to shine the way she's meant to. If you haven't seen her lately... you need to... seriously.

Back on the subject of Gustav. We are watching and waiting. That's all we can do. It made landfall early this morning about 70 miles southwest of Nola as a Category 2. We are worried about Tiff and Zack, our bandmates in Lafayette, where the eye is currently headed, so keep them in your thoughts.

Soon enough we will all know where we stand. Hoping that we are all back and working on the new album (good stuff brewing!) later this week.

Much love to all,

Mooooonday Morning

well, i was awaken by some moving trees, nothing big - we do have some 60ft pine trees swaying in the winds. now we've got the tandem WWL audio going w/ Superman Garland Robinette and then CNN TV goin back and forth - and i really think Rob Marciano of CNN is on top of the CANARY Gallery in the CBD. or near it. Wait, he's on the Monteleone -that wicked cool pimp palace you can see on the top of it...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

oh boy Gustav

Well, three years to the date we are preparing for another one...really, exactly 3 years. Addy and i decided to take a vacation on friday and get out of New Orleans early and enjoy some serious cajun weekend fun. we had a nice dinner friday night w/ my grandma, Ruby, who is very blind but an amazing painter...my step sisters Sarah and Katie (w/ new husband Octavio) . we ate well...and saw a great show by Mynameisjohnmichael and Teddy and the Tornadoes

And today we rode around Lafayette after we boarded up my moms house and took some trips down mammary, i mean memory lane.

so, we are safe, and i'll be uploading new pics of some destruction later.


potential suckage

This is Colombo, not Zack, because I'm too lazy to create my own user name.

Yesterday around 2pm we split for the friendly confines of my folks' compound in Covington. 2 adults, 2 babies, 2 dogs and 25 lbs of frozen brown St. Bernard swimps (no way I wanted to clean that shit out of the freezer later) packed into a Jeep. My parents moved to this part of the north shore from N.O. in direct response to 8/29/05 and I have to say that the location and home design were smoothe moves. We've been living with some of my cousins in River Ridge, an elevated part of Jefferson Parish for the past 6 months while our new house in Lakeview is completed. The land here is 27 ft above sea level, seemingly mountainous for this part of the country, and is about 2 miles from I-12. After C-Ray's scare-the-living-shit-out-of-you speech last night, we considered moving further north, but dad, ever the voice of reason (and obsessiveness) reminded us of why he built this new place. This is the reason. They cleared all of the potential home smashing trees, installed a natural gas generator powerful enough to continue to run air conditioning, all the appliances and then some, and even have an extra spot in the garage and extra bedrooms, oh yeah...and an artesian well in case we lose water pressure. It's all brick with hurricane windows and shutters. Evacuating for Katrina was a Cat 5 on the "major suckage scale," staying with extended family, not all of whom were compassionate to our situation. Dad knew he never wanted to go through that again. Wise man. Time for dinner.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We are proud to announce the World Premier of our new video for the song "Djinni Stomp", off of Chained to the Chariot (Rookery, 2006). Directed and shot by Jonathan David Evans (who also did the video for "B/W"), this new video stars the gems of the Crescent City's guilded screen Chris Lane and Sarah Fontenelle.

SPIN Magazine Band to watch!

Yup...we are the band to watch in NOLA...watch...us....play...our next local gig is @ The Dragons Den w/ The Other Planets on Sunday July 27th...come worship.


Damn that was fun...we had about 60- folks rockin that little budwieser tent - we had a blast..thanks all for coming - hope to see youat High Sierra in Quincy this weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Rotary Downs News/Pics

this summer is going to be a good one - we are about to head out to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee - but before that we'll hit Jackson, MS and play at our favorite place there...Martins. Supporting will be Johnny Bertram and his band. We play Martins on Thursday the 12th, then @ Bonnaroo on Sunday, June 15th at 6pm at the Troo Cafe Stage...come hang.

We'll also be playing the 17th Annual High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA. We'll be playing 2 times over the July 4th Weekend - if you're in the area come hang out. - www.highsierramusic.com

and here, are your images of the day:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rotary Downs During Jazz Fest 2008

Hello everyone, here are two chances to catch Rotary Downs during 2008 Jazz Fest - please note we are only doing
one night show during fest. Any help promoting this would be great, thanks so much. '08's lookin fun..we are just coming off a great weekend at SXSW with a Jambase.com showcase slot last Saturday, and with this summer bringing us to High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA plus a nice Sunday slot at Jazz Fest.

Here is our current Press Photo, please update your files - and credit must be given to Brady Fontenot when used. Thanks.

here is the link: (any problems, i can send a jpg)


When: Saturday, April 26th
Where: One Eyed Jacks
Time: 10pm (sharp)
What - Supagroup, Rotary Downs, with Dave Pirner solo (Soul Asylum), A Living Soundtrack
* We are very excited about our solo Jazz Fest night show, at dowtown NOLA's premier rock club. We are honored to
be playing with Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, and our friends and Rotary Downs alums A Living Soundtrack

When: Sunday, May 4th
Where: Jazz and Heritage Festival
Where: Lagniappe Stage
Time: 1:20-2:15

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rotary Downs at SXSW

Jambase Presents:

7:15 - Dusty Rhodes & the River Band
8:15 - Rotary Downs
9:15 - Eric Bibb
10:15 - Mac Arnold & Plate Full o Blues
11:15 - Papa Mali

Saturday, March 15th
Smokin Music
504 Trinity at 5th Street
(the old Coppertank)

if you are in Austin, visiting, or cruisin around on Saturday - come by this showcase -we ready to rock.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Rotary Downs in MS, January

Waffle House, ducky jesus done gone and hid under the swing low sweet and low chili carrots.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just hangin at the Travel Center, CA.

Friday, February 8, 2008

One of the Best Gras' Eva

We hope you got to make it out to DBA or the HiHo last weekend for our Mardi Gras shows...Fri's show was strange: Muses was postponed Thursday night, so it didnt roll till 11pm friday...and alot of our harcore fans were either riding in Muses or watching it somewhere on the route (probaby waiting for Erika's shoes..)..so we didnt' start our 1st set till 12:30, w/ only a few people there. but come around 1:30, the place started to fill...when we began our 2nd set at 2am, our fans showed up - nice and lubed up for the Downs...played till way after 3am.

And Saturdays 7th Annual Not So Super Super Hero Party...was off the hook. really, one of the best parties thrown in my small tenure here in NOLA. The costumes were tight, and the cage at the HiHo was always full of gyration. We learned a few new covers by the Cars, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Flamin Lips, and David Bowie to tighten up the party. And a good time was had.. ...but dont let me be the judge :


One of the Best Gras'

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not So Super Hero Party on Feb 2nd!

Bring your not so super self to The Hi-Ho Lounge on Saturday, February 2nd:

WWOZ's George Ingmire is Down

Top Ten New Orleans CDs by Wednesday New Orleans Music Show Host, George Ingmire
  1. Rotary Downs - Chained to the Chariot - Rookery Records
    • George says: A sonic statement with a heart to boot - One night, I drove back from Mississippi to New Orleans listening to this CD with “Blacktown” on repeat. You could easily do this with the rest of recording.
Read on...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rotary Downs on IndieFeed!

Rotary Downs will be featured on IndieFeed today - Wednesday, January 9th. Check it out here!

Go directly to the podcast on iTunes here.