Friday, February 8, 2008

One of the Best Gras' Eva

We hope you got to make it out to DBA or the HiHo last weekend for our Mardi Gras shows...Fri's show was strange: Muses was postponed Thursday night, so it didnt roll till 11pm friday...and alot of our harcore fans were either riding in Muses or watching it somewhere on the route (probaby waiting for Erika's shoes..) we didnt' start our 1st set till 12:30, w/ only a few people there. but come around 1:30, the place started to fill...when we began our 2nd set at 2am, our fans showed up - nice and lubed up for the Downs...played till way after 3am.

And Saturdays 7th Annual Not So Super Super Hero Party...was off the hook. really, one of the best parties thrown in my small tenure here in NOLA. The costumes were tight, and the cage at the HiHo was always full of gyration. We learned a few new covers by the Cars, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Flamin Lips, and David Bowie to tighten up the party. And a good time was had.. ...but dont let me be the judge :

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