Friday, March 20, 2009

sxsw rapupp

3 gigs in 24hrs. All 3 shows were great, good crowds and good music. our sets were around 45min long each, and setlists went like this:

Cul De Sac
Montre Vous
Through the Undertow->
Promised Land
Random Digs
False Protection
Djinni Stomp

Mostly new songs that were well received by the rabid cell phone tapping crowds. we just hope they were texting their pals saying good shit about Tiffany's hot-high waist pants, or Mike G's indian dance. And mostly very shitty stage sound...cause, who cares?

Our first gig was the Paste Magazine party. we played @ Ace's Lounge on 6th. the venue was wicked. think: strip club format. and it actually was a burlesque club - the stage was raised behind the bar.

Stage Sound: 4.5 (out of 10)

All our good SF peeps were there, plus our NO peeps. thanks for supporting. it was a lighting round of songs, and minimum stage banter. We left the show quick - i hooked uup w/ mr james bailey (of Babies Makin Babies fame) and my buddy chaz and went drinkin. we were successful. We caught a wicked Preistess show that killed.

At noon Thursday, i sat in on percussion with White Bitch. that was a blast. i was tempted to begin drinking all that cold Lonestar that Jason clark of NOLA Soul set out, but didnt. i opted for the Sugar Free Vitamin Water. and i was rewarded.

Next gig was the Electronic Musician/Reapandsow day party at Calle Habana 6. Stage sound: 3.4. sucked, but the show was good n tight like a Batter Blaster Waffle. we rolled right out and headed for the RD slot at NOLA Soul.

Mynameisjohnmichael were currently killing it on stage as we arrived...they sounded great. there were some sound issues as NOLA Souls' sound contact called on Monday saying that the soundguy "fell through" - ouch. but J came thru and saved the day w/ a Frankenstein system run by our NOLA man Mark. great job. we mixed up the tunes on this set and switched out djinni for B/W closer, and left wanting more. But all we could give them was high fives, beers and sweaty admiration for their undying love.

AFter that, we were all hungry, and Mike's uncle Tim brought us to Sams BBQ on 12th St.. HOly shit. it was amazing...and some of the coolest wall photos and art on the wall. Please go there and sit inside to soak it all in..and some of the nicest folks who weighed our ribs and sausage this side of I-35.

I soon hit the wall face first and had to our oasis in NW Austin: The Girardot House. Dan and Ann Girardot hooked us up at their house out here, with sleeps, showers, breakfast and coffee....i don't see how we would have made it w/o the proper rest and relax we got here. Many thanks.

now enjoy these not so rock n roll shots...more on their way...


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